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What is DARVON?
Darvon is a medicine used for treating mild pain situations and for suppression of cough problems. Darvon is a weak opioid or analgesic. Darvon was introduced in the USA in 1955. Its generic name is Dextropropoxyphene. It acts on the nervous system by producing a soothing effect from pain or excessive cough. Darvon also comes in market in combination with paracetamol which has antipyretic properties, which means fever-reducing ability. This combination is considered safer in many regions of the world.

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Although Darvon is an effective medication, yet use it cautiously. Its normal use is quite helpful, but an overdose may lead to harmful effects. It does cause physical dependence and leads to withdrawal syndrome. Tell your doctor about your complete medical history, allergies, and current going medications so that he may advise you on the right dose and needful instructions for taking Darvon. Renal or Liver patients should follow all the guidelines carefully, or their disease could get worsen up.