We are a new kind of pharmacy

Or maybe a new kind of pharmacy mixed with an old type of pharmacy. Anything but a chain type of pharmacy, where you wait in line to talk to people who would rather be anywhere else.

We are the type of pharmacy made up of friendly, caring pharmacists who carry prescriptions straight to your door, at the tap of your phone. We are also people who take pleasure in looking after people and hope to take care of you for years to come.

With love, SP

state pharmacy


More “I love you.” Less “next please.”

We believe a pharmacy can be focused on caring. Does that sound crazy? It shouldn’t. And that’s why we’re dismantling the old pharmacy and completely rebuilding it. We believe the pharmacy can work for the people. All people. That includes patients, doctors and insurers.

state pharmacy


Sonia cares. Don’t be alarmed.

This is Sonia, she’s our Chief Pharmacist. She’s also a Doctor of Pharmacy, so please call her Dr. Sonia. Just kidding, she’s not like that. Call her Sonia. Her decades of experience working in traditional pharmacies have made her all too familiar with the frustrations of patients. She and her team are so excited to show you just how a new approach to pharmacy can make things easier.


Pharmacy of the future

Not the future where everyone has a barcode on their head, but a nice future where technology is used to help people live a healthier and better life. We have things like predictive inventory which means we’re never out of that thing you need. Our entire fulfillment process is smarter, safer and nicer. All of that simply means we can take better care of you.


Capsule is...


Never wait in line for the pharmacy.
We bring your medications to your door.


Never worry about refills.
We keep track so you don’t have to.


Never talk to a voicemail autobot. Text, call, email, or chat with your pharmacist whenever is convenient.


Never speak to an insurance company again.
We’ll coordinate with your doctor and insurance.